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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Long Time No Blog! (Super-Duper Asterisk Edition)

If anyone out there is wondering about my absence, olioboy was in town. Mr. olio and I really enjoyed seeing our darling boy again, and we hated to see him go. I didn’t really keep up with current events during his visit—is Anna Nicole still dead?

Anyhoo, I’ve just poured my self a BIG Ketel One and tonic (mmm!) and visited the Christian Newswire,* where I found a review** of The Stockholm Syndrome Eternal Christianity, a new book I can’t wait to read:*** Here’s the crux:

Jim Cronfel believes "conversion comes from the awareness of eternal conscious torment," that "[Christianity] is about fleeing hell and sin."

So Mr. Cronfel and I agree that religious belief stems from fear. I imagine that he would disagree with me, though, when I say that fear of “eternal torment” after death (and therefore any religious belief based on that fear) is irrational or that I think ingratiating oneself with one’s potential torturer in order to avoid torture is a dynamic too perverse to contemplate, much less willingly embrace. I mean, I can understand it, I guess, but it’s still sick.

*Christian Newswire’s “Featured News Outlets” include Drudge Report and NewsMax.

**This book reviewer must’ve been “homeskooled”: Her punctuation skills suck.

***After it appears in my local library, that is—I’d never give this nimrod a dime.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Well, I'll Be a Monkey's Uncle!

It's Darwin's birthday!

I tried to find a suitably festive "birthday Darwin" picture via Google, but I was unsuccessful. So I decided to make one, even though my Photoshop skills aren't so hot.* Oh, well: it's the thought that counts, right?
Celebrate responsibly, everyone!

Seriously: It took me forever to cut out that silly little hat.


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