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Monday, March 27, 2006

We Said, Shia Said

Looking for good news from Iraq? The good news, apparently, is that we say things are going just a little bit better than the Iraqis say they are.

For example, the Iraqi Defense Ministry claims a suicide bomber killed 40 people outside a US-Iraqi military base. The US military says only 30 people were killed.

Whew! Only 30! That’s much better news!

Also, the Iraqi Interior Minister says the US attacked a mosque and killed those worshipping inside. But, according to the US, what we really attacked was “a compound of several buildings,” and “no mosques were entered or damaged during this operation.”

Goody! I mean, it’s a shame that the Iraqi government is lying and all, but I’m happy to hear we didn’t attack a mosque! That could’ve led to real trouble!



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