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Monday, August 13, 2007

Math for the Null Set

Here’s today’s presentation of I Shit You Not, courtesy of Christian Newswire :
This August and September, millions of children grades K-12 will be heading back to school. According to the projected figures put out by the National Center for Education Statistics, approximately 6.5 million children will be conducting their studies in private schools. In addition, an estimated 2 million children will be homeschooling (based on past trends reported by the NHERI). And all of these children, to one degree or another, will be learning math. But will they be learning math biblically?

The majority of Christian educators struggle with integrating math and the biblical worldview. Apart from an added scripture verse or spiritual thought at the bottom of the page, most Christian math curriculums differ very little from secular curriculums. Now at last there is an easy-to-read book parents and educators can use to both understand and teach math from a biblical perspective.

In clear, every-day language, Beyond Numbers dispels the common misconception that math is neutral and exposes the humanistic and naturalistic philosophies presented in typical math presentations. This book demonstrates how math points to God's character and how, when viewed from a biblical perspective, math becomes an exciting, real-life tool.

The entire second half of the book takes readers on a step-by-step journey through the teaching process. Although written with the homeschooling parent in mind, Christian school teachers, parents, and anyone else interested in viewing or teaching math biblically will find that this book contains a wealth of valuable information. The book explains how to recognize the harm in math books and how to transform math classes by teaching from everyday experiences. Practical suggestions, personal examples, curriculum reviews, and carefully documented references are all presented in a conversational, non-technical style.

The 97 page paperback book is illustrated with humorous cartoons that reinforce the book's message. Beyond Numbers retails at $8.99 ($5.99 as an eBook) and can be purchased from a variety of vendors or directly from the publisher at christianperspective.net. Media personnel can email info@christianperspective.net or call 703-352-0681 for a complementary review copy.
I am so ordering this!

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