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Monday, January 15, 2007

An olio Exclusive!

Last night I watched George W. on 60 Minutes and was surprised to hear him take sole credit for the new war plan:
“[M]y attitude is if we were to start withdrawing now, we’d have a crisis in our hands in Iraq,” Bush explains. “And not only in Iraq but failure in Iraq will embolden the enemy. And the enemy is al Qaeda and extremists. Failure in Iraq would empower Iran, which poses a significant threat to world peace. So then I began to think, ‘Well, if failure’s not an option and we've gotta succeed, how best to do so?’ And that's why I came up with the plan I did.”
Curious, I searched the Googletubes and found what I believe to be the above-referenced plan:

Jet pilot, cowboy, and now military tactician: The man's a fucking genius.

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