"How long do you have to get hit in the head before you start asking who's hitting you in the head?"

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

9/11, Terror, al-Qaeda, Brutal Dictator, Justice, Freedom, the Almighty, 9/11

Besides all of the above, I wonder what W is going to say tomorrow? My guess is that he’ll go all balls-to-the-wall “Decider” on us, insisting that an escalation is the only way to win in Iraq. He’ll say this even though he knows that he has neither a real military plan nor sufficient troop levels to implement one—because he also knows that Congress will fight an escalation. It’s a good strategy, really: It will allow him to go to his grave maintaining that he could have won the war, if only those dirty hippie defeatocrats hadn’t stood in his way.

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