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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Please, Sirs, We Want Some More

Rice, Rumsfeld, Abizaid, and Pace appeared before the Senate Appropriations Committee today to ask for billions in additional war funding. According to Rice, Iraqi insurgents “would like to see that political process halted so that Iraq might devolve into chaos and conflict.”

Might?!? Might?!? Ms. Rice needs to spend less time in the gym and more time doing her fucking job. She can start with a refresher course on current events, and then I strongly suggest that she review modals.

“Rumsfeld told the panel he was disappointed that the House Appropriations Committee on Wednesday trimmed by $1 billion the Pentagon's request for $5.9 billion to continue training Iraqi and Afghan security forces.”

[. . .]

“Abizaid told the committee that the $5.9 billion is vital to successfully completing the development of Iraqi and Afghan police and military forces.”

Um, you guys? If you’re referring to these Iraqi police forces, you might have Rice on your faces.* (And what does “successfully completing the development of” mean, anyway?)

“Rice's opening statement to the committee was interrupted by a man in the audience who stood and shouted, ‘How many of you have children in this illegal and immoral war? The blood is on your hands and you cannot wash it away.’ As he was escorted from the room by security officers the man also shouted, ‘Fire Rumsfeld.’”

What he said.

* To have Rice on one’s face: To be left in an embarrassing or humiliating situation, especially as a result of being abjectly and willfully ignorant or in denial.

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