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Friday, January 20, 2006

Land of the Free: Love It or Leave It

The NSA wiretapping story has refused to die, and this week saw the emergence of the Google story.

I wasn’t always such a cynic, but I doubt this subpoena has much to do with pornography; I think it is an attempt to facilitate data-mining of US citizens. If it really is about pornography, why is the issue such a priority all of a sudden? I mean, don’t we have much larger domestic issues to deal with right now?

And anyway, wouldn’t America’s absolute best collective “fuck you” to the theocratic asshole terrorists be to expand rather than limit our freedom? I mean, who cares if adults look at Internet porn?

Instead, we seem to be cultivating quite a few theocratic assholes of our own. I say screw them : They can go live in Saudi Arabia if they find the Internet so goddamned offensive.

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