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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Marriage Protection? Oh, Please

I honestly don’t understand how the legal union of any two consenting adults could possibly threaten my marriage or my family—and I defy anyone out there to present a cogent argument* proving it would.

I’m proud to support marriage equality, and I’m proud to have signed the Human Rights Campaign’s “Million for Marriage” petition. You can sign it, too, by clicking here:

*The Marriage Protection Amendment was the topic of yesterday’s Washington Journal, and every single caller in support of it used either the slippery slope or the “biblical principles” argument. Good grief…



At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Michael said...

I totally agree. I hate all this crap about how marriage is sacred and needs protection...

Just like we needed to protect ourselves from the Irish Immigrants and just like we needed protection from the free slaves.

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous ender said...


it's nice to see so many supportive comments in the blogosphere ... makes me feel somewhat less sick about the vehemently and violently opposed pieces i read.


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